The Beit is Here

“Bête” means “Home” un French.
“Beit” means “House” in Hebrew.

Our generation must know that the Beit is here.

#GodIsOne #UN

We must break the Beast, the animal soul that is in us to build a Beit, a Residence for the Divine Presence in the four corners of the world: a New World Order.

Mashiach Now ! NWO NOW !

“Memshala Olamit” (“World Government”)
ממשלה עולמית
Gematria = 971
= gematria of “Shem HaMeforash”
שם המפורש

The Shem HaMeforash designates the “explicit”, Un-pronounceable divine Name (Shem).

Don’t be afraid of the NAME.

#NouvelOrdreMondial #NOM

Ordinal Gematria of “Shem HaMeforash” = 116
שם המפורש
= gematria of “YHVH Melech” (“God is King”)
יהוה מלך

“Anyone can be scared. But the one who fears God will not only not be afraid, but will find a reason to rejoice in the situation.” (Rabbi Nachman of Breslov)

Anti-Kabbalist conspirators are going to get “vaccinated” whether they like it or not.